Economic Competitiveness


Staying Competitive

Montgomery County is the economic engine of Maryland. Our premier public education system attracts young families to the area and our vibrant culture keeps them here. We also, regrettably, endure the worst traffic in the nation and maintain a cost of living that is often prohibitive for our own children post-graduation.

There is a demographic gap between when our students enter the workforce and when they ultimately return to enroll the next generation in our schools. Montgomery County must retain, and in some instances regain, its edge in regional competition with Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Action must be taken at all levels of government, and in the private sector, to make Montgomery County the top destination for young professionals and entrepreneurial businesses. Each year Montgomery County loses out on the economic productivity and tax revenues that the Millennial generation brings to surrounding communities. Enriching our communities with the contributions of an entire generation that has been left out of our development plans will strengthen our tax base, which in turn will facilitate an expansion of services to the entire population.

Action requires cohesion and coordination among the many elected officials who represent Montgomery County in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington. I will work to open communication channels and improve upon the relationships that exist among our Montgomery County delegations. I will serve as your ombudsman, advocating for issues requiring legislation at every level of government.

Legislative Action Items:

  • Enumeration of renter’s rights will improve the accessibility of District 16 to new families and young professionals.
  • Expansion of funding to subsidized rental housing for individuals below an income threshold will improve the affordability of District 16.
  • Introduction of greater penalties for utility providers that fail to adequately invest in electric grid infrastructure; Pepco must be held accountable for its repeated failures to uphold its end of the bargain and allow District 16 to remain open for business.
  • Oppose Corporate Welfare by revoking:
    1. Tens of millions of dollars in tax-credits for Netflix
    2. A half million dollars per year in tax-credits for Lockheed Martin

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