Jordan's Approach

A Contract with the Community

As a constituent in our community, you are entitled to responsive representation. I pledge to listen. I pledge to be present. I pledge to be available. I pledge to serve you with character and integrity. With me as your delegate, your voice will be heard,Voterengagement.jpg and your interests will be fairly represented. I make this commitment to our community: both now as a candidate and later as your delegate, you can count on having your questions and concerns received with sincerity, honesty, and an open door.

Facilitating Community Solutions

A delegate in the Maryland General Assembly primarily serves the public in three capacities, as a statesman, as an advocate, and as a legislator. My platform outlines my vision for how I will execute these three responsibilities:
Your concerns matter. The problems you face deserve to be handled in a timely manner and seen through to a resolution without being passed along down a bureaucratic grapevine. You can expect me to be your advocate wherever you find yourself in need of assistance. Regardless of whether your issue falls under the jurisdiction of county, state, or federal government, or more directly pertains to the private sector, you can trust that, when you come to my office, answers will be found, follow-up will be provided, and responsibility will be taken.

My office will facilitate problem resolution by the community, for the community. While some issues will require long-term legislative solutions in Annapolis, others can be solved with expertise found within our own community. The issues that define this campaign are constituent-driven, and often, so too are the solutions. As one of the most educated districts in the nation, our human capital, collective wisdom, and subject matter expertise has the capacity, if effectively leveraged, to address many of the most pressing issues facing District 16. I will work to expand the visibility of the office of delegate as an office that connects community members’ issues with their neighbors’ expertise.

Sometimes though, the rules of the game need adjustment to create a fairer playing field. And as individual concerns require community-driven solutions, so too do legislative issues require cohesive action among your elected officials across all levels of government. I pledge to strengthen the cohesion of the Montgomery County state delegation, and to create a united front among our county’s representatives in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.