Creating a Democracy for Everyone


  1. September Primary
    1. Move the Primary Election back to September (from June) will increase voter turnout.
  2. Presidential Year Elections
    1. Align the state and county election cycle with the national election cycle to increase voter turnout.
  3. Open Primary Elections
    1. One fifth of our voters are unaffiliated with a Party and therefore cannot participate in most Primary Elections. Let's allow everyone to vote to increase participation in our democracy.
  4. Automatic Voter Registration
    1.  Our current voter registration system is an opt-in system; let's switch to an opt-out system to reduce obstacles to voting and increase our voter rolls.
  5. No Gerrymandering
    1. Ensuring that districts are drawn fairly in a non-partisan manner will translate into improved representation. Read my:  Redistricting Reform Testimony . Redistricting reform will do much to restore voters' confidence in our electoral democracy.  
  6. No Special Appointments
    1. One-third of our state representation in Montgomery County has been appointed to ‘elected’ office; elected officials should be elected, plain and simple. This will help convince voters that their vote matters. 
  7. Making Early Voting Simpler
    1. Moving Early Voting days to the weekend and day before Election Day will simply early voting. 
  8. Public Financing for State Offices
    1. Ensuring that politicians are accountable to their electorate, not special interests, will restore public trust in our democracy. 
Campaign Action Items: 
  1. I am running to make elected office accountable only to people and I therefore refuse to accept campaign funds from special interests or any other organization.
A vibrant and healthy democracy requires that an informed public be actively engaged in the selection of its representatives. Exercising your right to vote is the most direct manner of ensuring that you receive the very best service by advocates who care. Rates of voter turnout can be increased, especially in off-year (non-presidential) gubernatorial primary elections, by making the polls more accessible to those wishing to vote.

Once our votes are cast, elected representatives must be held accountable to their electorate. Investigative journalism is a public service that is tasked with holding our government accountable for its actions. As your Delegate I will support public-private partnerships that advance investigative journalism in Maryland.

Accountability can be further advanced only in the context of reasonably apportioned districts. As much as I prefer having additional Democrats in Congress, gerrymandered districts disenfranchise Marylanders and contribute to partisan polarization by removing incentives for candidates to appeal to the wider public. Similarly, we must ensure that the process and financial cost of being elected does not unduly diminish the voices of everyday voters relative to those entities that are able to make large financial contributions.