What I Stand For

The constituents of District 16 are among the best educated in the nation; we are a resource unto each other. While I am seeking your support to serve as your representative, I recognize that the best ideas for improving our community come directly from engaged citizens.

Please contact me at Contact [at] Cooper4MD [dot] com to let me know about your ideas for improving our society.
Send me your ideas for legislation, as well as your thoughts on the role that a Maryland Delegate should play in our community. As your Delegate, I will ensure that your views are heard and represented at the local, state, and federal levels of government. I will be your single access point to government.

A delegate in the Maryland General Assembly primarily serves the public in three capacities, as a statesman, as an advocate, and as a legislator. My platform outlines my vision for how I will execute these three responsibilities. Here, you can find my views on a range of issues impacting our community, including: