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"Jordan Cooper might be the only political candidate in Maryland whose conversation with a potential voter has been interrupted by his campaign partner aggressively devouring the voter’s dog’s food."
"Travels with Jasper: One Candidate's Constant Campaign Companion." Maryland Matters. May 7, 2018. Meghan Thompson. 

"Jordan Cooper, one of six nonincumbents running for a House seat in District 16, has rolled out endorsements from Glendening, Gansler, former Gov. Harry Hughes (D), and former Lt. Gov. Melvin Steinberg (D). The incumbents in the Democratic primary are Dels. Ariana B. Kelly and Marc Korman." Maryland Matters. 4/17/18.

3.     "Montgomery County Democrats Make a Mockery of Democracy," The Washington Post. 02/15/18. 

4.     "Local Democratic Party Corrupts Democracy," Seventh State political blog. 02/14/18.

5.     "Mitchell Rabin Interviews Democratic Candidate Running As Delegate in MD," A Better World Radio. 02/13/18.

"Cooper said he was motivated to run for the MCDCC after an overwhelming majority of registered Democrats failed to come out to vote when he last ran in 2014.

He complained that, when he organized five voter canvasses prior to the 2016 election as an area coordinator for the MCDCC, “on none of those canvasses did any central committee members ever show up, even though they had agreed to ahead of time.

“I feel if I serve on the central committee I may have more gravitas, more cachet to get people actually joining in this in this effort to reach out to the overwhelming majority of the party.” 

Cooper, who holds a master’s degree in public health, said his second bid for delegate is focused on creation of a “public option” intended to hold down health premiums by allowing residents to buy insurance through the state of Maryland.

7.     Op-Ed: The Israel Forever Foundation, "Antisemitism, not hidden by the mask of anti-zionism," 01/18/18.

8.     Op-Ed: The Washington Post, "Antibiotic Legislation Falls Short in Maryland," 11/10/17.

9.     Guest Speaker was Jordan Cooper, Candidate for State Delegate in District 16, Rotary Club of Potomac-Bethesda, 11/09/17.

10.  Op-Ed: The Baltimore Sun, "Russia Sanctions Reveal U.S. Hypocrisy," 08/09/17. 

11.  "Jordan Cooper of Bethesda, said redistricting in a fair fashion will provide a positive example to others as to what good governance is all about."
a.     Baltimore Post-Examiner, "Maryland Redistricting Reform Commission Wraps
                    Up Hearings,"  10/15/2015.
12.  The Great Race went off on Tuesday to determine the fastest way to get from downtown Bethesda to downtown Silver Spring. 

Jordan Cooper, a Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates, thought biking was the way to go -- he believed it would be faster to ride the Capital Crescent Trail than to drive, or to take the Red Line. He also wanted to show that the trail would be a viable bike route even after the Purple Line is built. So during Tuesday's rush hour, he put it to the test -- he hopped onto a Capital Bikeshare bike. Cooper's campaign manager, Adam Beitman, got on the Red Line; Bill Jacobs, a Green Democrats candidate, drove.

Cooper won; Jacobs came in second. Beitman finished third.

WTOP Radio, 103.5FM, 
The Great Race: Three ways from Bethesda to Silver Spring, WTOP Staff, June 4, 2014.
13.  “My hope is that this race mobilizes Maryland and all key stakeholders to finally recognize the need for getting this project finished ASAP. It has taken far too long to build the Purple Line and this race will prove that,” [Cooper] said.

And Cooper is not shy about the fact that he believes he will win the race hands down. “I believe I will win. I expect to beat Metro’s Red Line handily, even without single-tracking,” he said.

“I expect to beat a car as well, and the margin of my victory will be based on how much traffic we happen to have tomorrow. I’m looking forward to publicizing the exact times.”

Montgomery Community Media, 
Local Candidate Plans Race to Silver Spring, Valerie Bonk, June 2, 2014.

14.  "The purpose of this great race to beat traffic is mainly to demonstrate the pressing need for more alternative forms of mass transit,” Cooper said. “The white elephant in the room is that Montgomery County has an increasing population in a place where there’s already terrible traffic, some of the worst in the nation.

This will allow more people to go in and around Montgomery County and make it a better place to live, work, and play.”

Cooper will be using a Capital Bikeshare bike along the Capital Crescent Trail, along which a large section of the Purple Line will run. His campaign manager, Adam Beitman, will take the Metro’s Red Line, and Bill Jacobs, a member of the Green Democrats, will take a car via East-West Highway.

The Sentinel, 
Cooper to race traffic to prove Purple Line is needed, Patrick Stoll, May 30, 2014.

15.  "Quick: What's the fastest way to get from downtown Bethesda, Maryland to downtown Silver Spring, Maryland?

Jordan Cooper, a Democratic candidate for Maryland's House of Delegates, suspects a bike might beat a car and the Red Line. So the District 16 candidate will put it to the test.

On June 3, he'll hop aboard a Capital Bikeshare bike in Bethesda and race to Silver Spring in a contest he's calling The Great Race.

Cooper says he wants make a couple of points: that it's time to get cracking on the construction of the Purple Line, which will connect the two downtowns; and that even after the Purple Line is built, the Capital Crescent Trail will still be a viable bike route."

WTOP Radio 103.5FM, 
Candidate thinks two wheels best from Bethesda to Silver Spring (Video), WTOP Staff, May 29, 2014.

16.  "Jordan P. Cooper, a candidate for a seat in the state House of Delegates in a Bethesda based district, released a video Wednesday announcing his new light rail promotion plan. Cooper plans to bike from Bethesda to Silver Spring on June 3, while his one aide drives the same route and another travels via Metro Rail Red Line through the Washington, D.C. area. Cooper is hoping to highlight that the proposed Purple Line light rail project, which would take the same approximate route as the bike trail would speed travel in Montgomery County.

'Unfortunately it is taking forever to build this thing,' Cooper said
in the video."

The Celock Report, 
Dem Plans Bike Race To Promote Light Rail, John Celock, May 29, 2014.

17.  "The “Great Race,” announced by District 16 candidate Jordan Cooper on Wednesday, is meant to prove the Purple Line light rail and other transit projects are much needed to help solve Montgomery County’s traffic congestion woes.

Cooper will take a Capital Bikeshare bike from the Bethesda Metro station at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3. At the same time, his campaign manager Adam Beitman will hop on the Metro Red Line. Bill Jacobs, a member of the Montgomery Green Democrats, will get in his car and head toward Silver Spring via East-West Highway.

Cooper said he will beat Beitman and Jacobs to downtown Silver Spring by cycling to it on the Capital Crescent Trail. He claimed that would show the importance of the 16-mile light rail — which is planned to run alongside a large portion of the trail from downtown Bethesda to Silver Spring."

Bethesda NOW, 
Candidate To Race To Silver Spring On Bike To Promote Purple Line, Aaron Kraut, May 28, 2014.
18.  "Jordan Cooper, who works in health care technology for Kaiser Permanente, said it would serve the House of Delegates well to have some people who know how health care works."

Bethesda NOW, 
Incumbents Not Completely On Same Page In D-16 Debate, Aaron Kraut, May 19, 2014.

19.  "Jordan Cooper, a candidate for the House of Delegates in District 16, spoke about his neighborhood’s experience with Pepco when the company discovered a broken underground cable there in January. But he closed by wondering why Pepco should receive another rate increase so soon after last summer’s decision. That decision is under appeal from Montgomery County and Pepco, which also opposed the granting of less than half of its request. 'We’ve already given Pepco prospective payment for the increase in reliability that we’ve seen,' Cooper said. 'Why pay them a second time for what they said this prospective payment last June 30 was going to cover?' "

Bethesda NOW, PSC Hears Opponents And Some Supporters Of Pepco’s Latest Rate Hike Request, Aaron Kraut, May 13, 2014.
20.  " 'I’m working 18 hours a day, seven days a week running an 18-month campaign,' boasted Cooper, who has been sighted campaigning along on median strips and asking drivers waiting in traffic for their votes. "

Bethesda Magazine, Moco Politics Blog, Few Differences Emerge During First Full Fledged Candidate Forum In Dist. 16, Louis Peck, May 8, 2014.

21.  "Nobody has worked harder than young Jordan Cooper. This one seems wide open."

Center Maryland, The Known Unknowns, Josh Kurtz, April 9, 2014.

22.  "It is clear that, when it comes to health policy, it is not enough to have great ideas, a workable theory, and money to spend; knowledge of how to properly implement large scale IT projects is critical. I am running for state delegate in Maryland as one of the next generation of politicians who are born digital natives, and for whom thinking about policy in terms of technology is not only essential but natural.... A website where anyone can buy affordable, subsidized health insurance with excellent coverage options is a great idea. I still believe that it can be done effectively in Maryland ... If elected to represent Montgomery County in Annapolis, my top priority is to ensure that health-care reform works and that costs come down. "

Washington Jewish Week, Letter to the Editor: Digital Natives Needed, Jordan P. Cooper, April 9, 2014.

23.  "Jordan Cooper‘s campaign shows exceptional hustle."

Seventh State,
 Upended D16 Race Now a Tough Fight, John Gallagher, March 28, 2014.

24.  "All 11 candidates in the District 16 delegate primary race have signed a petition agreeing to run a clean campaign race without negative ads or slanderous information of other candidates often seen in other campaign races. The pledge, written by candidate Jordan Cooper, was not inspired by any incident but by the realization the three successful candidates must work together in Annapolis. 'I came up with the idea of the clean campaigning pledge in acknowledgement of the reality that after the democratic primary on June 24, that the democrats who are elected together all need to be working together for Montgomery County to get better value for their tax dollars through the state legislature,' said Cooper."

The Sentinel,
 District 16 candidates take the pledge, Donna Broadway, March 27, 2014.

25.  "District 16 delegate candidate Jordan Cooper on Thursday released a campaign video, with a shout-out to the video maker and friend who made it for him for free. The video is on Cooper’s site. In the video, Cooper focuses on the economy, schools and transportation infrastructure. “I was born, raised and educated right here in Bethesda, Maryland,” Cooper says. “More importantly, I have the experience and track record of public service to move us forward.”

Bethesda NOW, 
Delegate Candidates Make Strong Pitches, Aaron Kraut, March 27, 2014.
26.  "Cooper, who has a master’s degree in public health, also is a graduate of the county school system. He is a technology integration specialist at Kaiser Permanente and has volunteered on numerous political campaigns in Maryland in the past. He described his big concerns as health care reform, school construction, keeping the arts in the schools as well as expanding the foreign language program to all elementary schools and improving infrastructure.

Washington Jewish Week, 
Eager pols seek to fill Frosh’s seat, Suzanne Pollak, March 26, 2014.
27.  "马里兰议员代表第十六选区:  介绍"Maryland is at a crossroads, and as a legislator,
my top priority is getting healthcare right."

Chinese Outlook 
(Print Only), Feature: Jordan Cooper, Healthcare is the Priority, Staff (Lisa), March 24, 2014.
28.  "Though Candy Crush may be topping the charts for smartphone apps, a pair of Walter Johnson High School seniors are gaining traction with an app to assist District 16 voters. On the app, users can learn more about one of their candidates, figure out if they live in District 16, and find election information. Robert Mozayeni and Daniel Kapit designed the app, called Cooper for Maryland, for Democratic District 16 delegate candidate Jordan Cooper. .. “When you have a lot of voters that are unaware of what district they’re in, ... it’s helpful to be able to refer voters to the app and just say ‘open the app at your house and it will be able to tell you if you’re in the district or not,’” Cooper said.

Maryland Gazette, District 16 delegate race goes mobile with help of high school students, Sarah Scully, March 18, 2014.
29.  "Cooper Launches Campaign App — D-16 candidate for delegate Jordan Cooper on Wednesday announced his campaign is launching a phone app that will let people know if they are in District 16 based on their location. The app, developed by Walter Johnson High School student Robert Mozayeni, will also let people contribute directly to Cooper’s campaign and get news and alerts leading up to the June 24 primary. “I volunteered to design this App for Jordan Cooper because, with his emphasis on job opportunities for youth and funding for education, I believe he is the best candidate for both students and Millennials, and I want to give back and help him succeed in this June’s Democratic primary. Even though I can’t yet vote, I found a way to be a part of the campaign,” Mozayeni said in a press release.

Bethesda NOW, Political Roundup: D-18 Candidates, Daly Files, Cooper's Phone App, Aaron Kraut, February 19, 2014.
30.  “During a D-16 candidates’ forum last night at a Rockville condominium, four Democratic House of Delegates candidates signed a pledge not to engage in personal attacks or negative talk about opponents. Candidate Jordan Cooper initiated the pledge. 'Jordan proposed this because of the fact that three of the candidates will ultimately need to work productively together in Annapolis for the benefit of Montgomery County,' [Campaign Manager Adam] Beitman said. 'It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that relationships among all future delegates are friendly and close, and this is a gesture of goodwill on the part of all signatories.' ”

Bethesda NOWD-16 Roundup: Duncan Rescue Squad Fundraiser, Clean Campaign Pledge, Aaron Kraut, January 29, 2014.
31.  'It’s not money that will determine how this election is won,' Cooper said. 'It’s direct voter contact.' ... Cooper said he has been making that contact by canvassing neighborhoods throughout the county since Memorial Day of 2013.

'I personally knocked on 6,000 doors in District 16,' Cooper said.
His campaign does not need as much money as others do, Cooper said, as his campaign manager and other staff are working for free. Other candidates plan to use their funds to hire full-time staff."
Maryland GazetteIn delegate race, show them the money, Agnes Blum, January 29, 2014.
32.  "On Thursday, Pepco spokeswoman Courtney A. Nogas said that a 1,500-foot stretch of underground cable needed to be replaced between Luxmanor and Old Georgetown roads. Pepco said it discovered the fault in the cable on Jan. 6, according to Jordan P. Cooper, president of the Luxmanor Citizens Association. ... Cooper said last week he began receiving comments and complaints about the work from several neighbors. After organizing the meeting, he said, he was pleased with its outcome. 'It was very clear that there was a real need in our community for more information,' said Cooper, who is running as a Democrat for a District 16 seat in the House of Delegates. "

Maryland Gazzette, 
Rockville resident: Pepco apologized for lack of communication about neighborhood work, Jenn Davis, January 17, 2014.
33.  "Delegate candidate Jordan Cooper said he has campaign contributions from more than 300 unique individuals and he has knocked on more than 5,000 doors."

Bethesda NOWD-16 Political Roundup, Aaron Kraut, December 18, 2013.
34.  "Jordan Cooper... said his top priority would be to help drive down the cost of health care. Every single month we have individuals facing rising health care costs,” said Cooper, who told the audience his father was a physician and mother a nurse. “The cost of health care in this country is unaffordable and unsustainable.”

Maryland Gazette, Candidates Try to Earn Votes at Bethesda Meeting, Agnes Blum, November 27, 2013.
35.  "Delegate candidate Jordan Cooper did some guest teaching on Monday at Walter Johnson High School. The subject — AP National, State and Local Government — was near and dear to Cooper’s aspirations for state office. “I was first introduced to government in these same classrooms. My overarching goal today is to make the pathway towards public service for our students clearer,” Cooper said in a prepared release. “I hope to open their eyes to the fact they too can run for public office and transform their visions of a better community into a new reality.”

Bethesda NOWCooper Heads Back To Alma Mater For Civics Lesson, Aaron Kraut, November 12, 2013."
36.  "On Nov. 11 Jordan Cooper visited WJ to meet with AP Government classes. ... [Walter Johnson graduate] Cooper is currently running for office as state Delegate in the Democratic Primary in Maryland’s 16th District. Cooper discussed the legislative bill to law process, how Maryland’s Constitution differentiates our state from others, and about what it takes to run an effective, professional campaign.Cooper was not here to promote himself discuss his own platform as he made very clear to students. 'I am here to teach, not to campaign,' Cooper insisted. His overarching message to students was to seize the opportunities given to them, – and as a senior high school student Cooper did just that. He became Student Page in the Maryland House of Delegates where he spent two weeks in session with the delegates. 'It was a great experience, and it sparked my interest in politics,' he said."

The Walter Johnson Pitch, WJ Alum Runs for State Delegate
Elizabeth Winter and Tenni Idler, November 26, 2013.
37.  "D-16 Delegate Candidate Jordan Cooper: ' I believe that the information provided this evening seemed to indicate that Pepco was abusing their power. I think that there’s evidence of that as you see Pepco flouting historical precedent. But on the other hand, potentially as a result of advocates like Abbe [Milstein], you do see Pepco has heard the message that we demand better reliability. They’re responding now, maybe not nearly in the manner we’d like them to respond. But I think that Pepco is currently taking steps to improve reliability. It seems as though Pepco held the PSC hostage after saying that we won’t improve our infrastructure unless we get the tracker.' "

Bethesda NOWPepco, PSC Critics Air Grievances In Front Of Political Candidates, Aaron Kraut, November 7, 2013.
38.  "The economic crisis and its disproportionate effect on not just his generation, but retirees and older workers as well, got Jordan Cooper ... into the District 16 race, he said."

Maryland Gazette
A New Generation for Annapolis?, Kate Alexander, October 11, 2013.
39.  "With last week’s mass shooting deaths at the Navy Yard still fresh in people’s minds, ... Jordon Cooper of North Bethesda said he would outlaw all assault rifles, including ones already purchased, under his legislative plan to combat gun violence that he released last week. He also wants all firearms registered in a statewide database and that this registration be renewed every two years. His plan demands that all firearms used in a crime or in the possession of a felon be cross-listed in a statewide registry. Finally, under Cooper’s plan, the owners of any guns used in a homicide or robbery would be penalized, even if they were not involved in the crime."

Washington Jewish Week, Gun control is an issue in 16th District
, Suzanne Pollak, September 25, 2013.
40.  "In light of Monday’s shooting at the Navy Yard, Maryland House of Delegates candidate Jordan P. Cooper, 28, has called for Maryland to crack down even harder on guns. Cooper, of Bethesda, who is running for District 16, issued a “legislative plan to combat gun violence” Wednesday. His plan would outlaw all assault rifles without exception, create a statewide registry for all guns and require those who don’t register a firearm to surrender it to the state. He also would penalize straw purchases of firearms, and even go as far as to reprimand the owner of a gun used in a homicide or robbery, regardless if the owner was or was not involved in committing the crime."

Maryland Gazette
Free State Gun Ban Plan, Kate Alexander, September 20, 2013.
41.  "After Monday’s Navy Yard shooting, District 16 Delegate candidate Jordan Cooper on Wednesday said he would propose more extensive gun control than the General Assembly approved last year. Cooper proposed banning all assault rifles, gun registrations that would be renewed every two years, and criminal punishment for gun owners who do straw sales of guns that end up being used in a homicide or robbery."

Bethesda NOW
Morning Notes: Delegate Candidate Cooper Proposes Assault Gun Ban, Aaron Kraut, September 19, 2013.
42.  "One House of Delegates candidate from Bethesda, Jordan Cooper, issued a proposal Wednesday that lives up to the worst fears of gun owners. But it might have appeal inside the Beltway in the district now represented by Sen. Brian Frosh, floor leader of the new control law. Cooper’s plan includes a total ban on assault rifles, biennial renewal of gun licenses, and government confiscation of guns not properly licensed or renewed."

Maryland Reporter & Baltimore Post-Examiner
Candidate’s Gun Control Plan Even Harsher Than New Law, Staff Reporting, September 19, 2013.
43.  A former legislative aide in the House of Delegates, [Cooper] spoke about the 'difficulty for young people of becoming financially independent in a down economy, the need for more transit-oriented development that would make ownership of a car unnecessary, and the lack of solid job opportunities.' "

Vassar Alumni Hub
In the Media - July 2013 Roundup,  Jared Scott Tesler. August 7, 2013
44.  “Congratulations to the new members of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board confirmed by the County Council today [including Jordan Cooper]."

Neighborhood News
New CAB Members Announced,  Ken Hartman, Director. July 16, 2013
45.  "I think when you have baby boomers squeezed by aging parents and dependent Millennials, you’ll find that they may be receptive to how we can create a more diverse community.”

I’d like to be somebody who’s accessible to Millennials, who can pull them in and let them know that it will work for them. They need to make their voices heard.

Bethesda NOW
, "Cooper Targets Millennials with Pool Party Fundraiser."  Aaron Kraut. July 17, 2013.
46.  "It’s almost like a tax on being young,” Cooper said. “I’m representing a generation that has not been well represented in government."

Maryland Gazette
, "Cooper Running for State Delegate to Help Represent His Generation."  Kate S. Alexander. July 3, 2013.
47.  "Jordan Cooper may be young, but he's not inexperienced, and he's running to be a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly."
, "Young Bethesdan Kicks off Campaign to Run for District Delegate."  Laura L Thornton. May 21, 2013.
48.  "He will knock on every door, read every email, respond to every question, and run his campaign like he’s lived his life: by serving the community with integrity."

Daily Kos
, "A Friend, A Candidate: Jordan Cooper for Maryland." David Catalinotto. May 15, 2013.
49.  "For me, good governance can be summed up in one word: Integrity,” Cooper said. “Being whole in oneself, having one’s thoughts and behaviors in accord, fulfilling one’s responsibilities, and honoring one’s commitments are all hallmarks of leadership properly executed.”

Bethesda NOW
, "Cooper To Hold Panel Discussion Fundraiser." Aaron Kraut. May 15, 2013.
50.  "District 16 Delegate Candidate Jordan Cooper... travels the world going to parliaments..."

The Sentinel
, Print only: "Cooper Runs for Dist. 16 Delegate Slot." Donna Broadway. April 25, 2013.
51.  "[Jordan Cooper] who said he has aspired to a House of Delegates seat since serving as a General Assembly page while a senior at Walter Johnson High School. Cooper filed his statement of candidacy when filing opened on April 9, and plans a fundraising event this month. He has a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and spent two years working in Annapolis for state Delegate Keith Haynes, of Baltimore."

MoCo  Politics- Bethesda Magazine
, "Political Vacancy Sign Attracts a Crowd." Louis Peck. May 1, 2013.
52.  "District 16 has one new, semi-unknown candidate: Democrat Jordan P. Cooper, a former aide in the House of Delegates, is running for a delegate position expected to vacate this year."

The Sentinel
, "Candidates begin throwing hats into the ring." Shannon McHale. April 25, 2013.
53.  "North Bethesda resident Jordan Cooper launched his campaign for Delegate of District 16 in the Maryland General Assembly on April 13. Here are some photos of the event: Visit to learn more about Jordan and the campaign."

, "Cooper Launches Campaign for MD Delegate." Sonya Burke. April 17, 2013.
54.  "Jordan P. Cooper of Rockville, a former health policy adviser and aide in the House of Delegates, has thrown his hat in the ring."

Maryland Gazette
, "Early bird candidates file for 2014 election." Holly Nunn. April 12, 2013.
55.  "At that event were a handful of people who said they will run, including Jordan Cooper, a ... healthcare policy wonk who has worked as an aide to Annapolis lawmakers. Cooper on Wednesday debuted a Facebook page and will hold a press conference on April 13 to announce his campaign."

Bethesda NOW
, "District 16 House of Delegates Race Should Be Busy." Aaron Kraut. March 29, 2013.