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The MOST important endorsements of this election are the voters':


Our campaign is powered by people like you. Our campaign exists to serve the voters of Bethesda, Potomac, Friendship Heights, Glen Echo, and indeed all of Maryland. There is no greater endorsement we could hope for than yours. If you'd like to add your name to our list of endorsements please contact the campaign at Voters [at] Cooper4MD [dot] com.

"Jordan first came by our house in 2014 when he was running for office. A year after the election a tree fell on our house that was located in the county right of way. We had trouble getting the county to come out and remove the tree and we knew we could rely on Jordan. We reached out to him and soon thereafter the county came out to our home and removed the tree. Jordan made a difficult situation easier for us. He was immediately responsive  to our request for assistance and he helped us resolve the problem. We want him to represent us in the legislature because we know that he'll be there for us." - Marvin and Joan Rosenburg
Statement of Appreciation
“Jordan Cooper has been a relentless and unstoppably focused Democratic activist whose passion is lowering health care costs and increasing accessibility.”
Jamie Raskin, Congressman [MD-D-8], '16-Present        

“Jordan works hard, understands policy, and is committed to public service. That’s why I want Jordan to represent me in the state legislature.” 
Doug Gansler, Attorney General of Maryland, '07-'15

"Jordan Cooper is an earnest, energetic, and exciting public servant. The people of Maryland will be well served with him as a member of the House of Delegates." 
Harry Hughes, Governor of Maryland, '79-'87

"I am very pleased to endorse Jordan Cooper for the House of Delegates. Having served in the State Senate for 20 years and as Lt. Governor for 8 years, I recognize that Jordan possesses the necessary attributes, integrity, intellect, and energy to become a successful representative for the residents of District 16 and the State of Maryland."
Melvin "Mickey" Steinberg, Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, '87-'95, President, Maryland State Senate, '83-'87

 “Maryland can no longer afford not to have universal health insurance coverage. I support Jordan’s plan to expand Medicaid as a public option, creating long term savings for Marylanders, and I fully endorse his campaign.”
The Honorable Van Mitchell, Secretary, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, '14 - '16, Principal Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, '04 - '07Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, '94 - '04


“Jordan Cooper stands up for the rights of every man, woman, and child in Maryland in his attempt to advance the public interest. He has my full support as I endorse his efforts to represent me in the Maryland General Assembly.” 
The Honorable Richard Schifter, Ambassador, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, '84-'85

"Jordan has demonstrated a knowledge of what is important in the State and is aggressive in his pursuit of key political priorities for our community. Montgomery County needs aggressive legislators who have shown themselves to have the ability and desire to put in the necessary effort to make positive change happen in Annapolis."
The Honorable Larry Levitan, Chair, Budget and Taxation Committee, Maryland State Senate, '79 - 94

“Having served the people of Montgomery County to create one of the best public school systems in the nation, I support Jordan Cooper as a champion for MCPS.”
The Honorable Phil Kauffman, Board of Education, Montgomery County Public Schools

“The Greater Washington area needs leadership that is able to work together across political and partisan boundaries in order to create a more prosperous region for our communities. Jordan Cooper is just such a leader whom I would look forward to partnering on such cross jurisdictional issues like ensuring that Metro trains run on time throughout the DC region. I encourage Montgomery County residents to vote for Jordan to represent them in the Maryland General Assembly.” 

The Honorable Alfonso Lopez, Virginia State Delegate

"As the Mayor of Rockville, I know what it takes to be an effective leader for our community. Jordan Cooper has proven that he has what it takes to represent Montgomery County effectively in Annapolis."
The Honorable Phyllis Marcuccio, Mayor, City of Rockville, '09 - '13

"Jordan has my full support in his bid to represent Montgomery County in the House of Delegates."
The Honorable Doyle Niemann, former Maryland State Delegate
"Cooper is articulate and well informed on the issues. His candidacy deserves serious consideration by D-16 voters."
The Honorable Steve Van Grack, Mayor, City of Rockville, '85- '87

"Healthcare accounts for 1 in 6 dollars spent in our national economy. It is essential that our elected leaders understand the complexities of healthcare delivery systems and how to use policy to improve quality and control costs.  Jordan understands the healthcare challenges of our time and the critical role of state policy.   Maryland needs leaders like him to in the Maryland General Assembly to guide the implementation of the Affordable Care Act."
Dr. Don Steinwachs, Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, '93 - Present. Director, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health HPM, '94 - '05

"Jordan's energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to bettering the quality of life in Montgomery County is second to none." 
The Honorable Dave Edgerley, Secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, '07 - '09

"I'm providing Jordan Cooper with my endorsement for Delegate in the 16th district. He combines a strong personal commitment to his local and Montgomery County communities, forward and futuristic thinking, all of which are strengthened by his life-long belief in and experiences in service to others. He has excellent, successful and critical experiences  in Annapolis and in health care, along with a strong perspective on education and constituent services that will allow him to address the important issues facing Montgomery County and Maryland."
Dr. Frank Stetson Chief School Performance Officer, Montgomery County Public Schools, '09 - '11Community Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, '00 - '09, Principal, Walter Johnson H.S., '96 - '00

"Jordan will do an excellent job representing District 16 in the House of Delegates. With Jordan in a leadership role in Annapolis, Montgomery County will get an excellent delegate who knows how to  strengthen our economy, reduce the cost of healthcare, and improve the educational system for all Maryland students. He has my full support and I look forward to working with him in the Maryland General Assembly."
The Honorable Victor Ramirez, Senator, Maryland General Assembly, '11 - PresentDelegate, Maryland General Assembly, '03 - '11

"It is my great pleasure to endorse and support Jordan Cooper's candidacy as one of the District 16 Maryland State Delegates.  As a young child, Jordan already demonstrated interests in the political process.  His experiences working for a Maryland State Delegate prepared him to address the most important issues facing our State.  Jordan grew up in District 16 and understands the needs of the community.  He was born and raised in, by and for District 16.  Without question, he will be the best person for District 16."  
Dr. Alan Cheung, President, Montgomery County Board of Education, '93 - '94

"Jordan Cooper will be an outstanding Delegate in Annapolis. He is positioned, by experience, to be a leader in the critical work of reducing health care costs and improving the quality of healthcare in Maryland."
The Honorable Richard Sorian, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, '10 - '12, Director, Communications, Education, and Outreach, D.C. Health Insurance Exchange, '13 -16

"I support Jordan Cooper in his bid for the House of Delegates because he has a humane view of public health and the importance of the government in promoting the general welfare."
Dr. Noel Rose, Candidate for the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine,Pioneer in Investigating Autoimmune Disease,Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, '99Recipient, Nicolaus Copernicus Medal, Polish Academy of Sciences, '99, Director and Founder, Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Research Center

The Honorable Herman Taylor, Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, '03-'11
"I support Jordan because of his commitment to public service, demonstrated achievements, understanding of the legislative process and his principled and vocal leadership on critical issues facing both Maryland and Montgomery County. He will be an excellent advocate as Delegate in the General Assembly."
The Honorable Nancy Forster, Public Defender, State of Maryland, '04 - '09

"As a healthcare professional, I support Jordan for Delegate because he will be an outstanding advocate for fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare for all Marylanders." 
Dr. Spyridon Marinopoulos, Director, Johns Hopkins University Health Services, '10 - Present

"Jordan is hard working and dedicated to serving the community. His commitment to making a difference and improving the quality of life for all Maryland citizens will make him a great addition to the Maryland General Assembly."
Jay Wilson, Montgomery County Community Advocate

"Jordan understands the importance of expanding the quality measurement enterprise to improve value in healthcare. Leaders with Jordan's experience and perspective on quality and patient safety in healthcare are needed in Annapolis as Maryland implements the Affordable Care Act."
Dr. Tom Valuck, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, National Quality Forum, '10 - '13

"Jordan's health care expertise will serve Marylanders well.  He is a leader who is committed to making government work for citizens."
Paul Locke, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences '08 - PresentMember, American Public Health Association

"As my Legislative Aide, Jordan demonstrated a diligent work ethic, impeccable integrity, and a working knowledge of how to move legislation through the Maryland House of Delegates. With Jordan representing District 16, his community will gain an advocate who can hit the ground running, perform heavy legislative lifts, and find solutions to his constituents' issues. Jordan does well in balancing his vision for a better Maryland with pragmatism born from experience; above all, he get things done."
The Honorable Keith Haynes, Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, '03 - Present

The Honorable Gene Counihan
Chair, Montgomery County Delegation, Maryland House of Delegates (1993)

"Jordan's background in healthcare, his lifelong commitment to public service in Maryland, and his experience in Annapolis will make him invaluable as a representative of our community. As an entrepreneur, I can speak to the need for our elected officials to understand the current challenges facing our economy and our generation. We need a Millennial who can be a champion of entrepreneurs and understand the need for smart business growth in Montgomery County. Jordan is just such a champion."
David Dimock
Chair, Precinct 10-10, District 16
"Jordan has something there that just captivated me; he is energetic, he has great ideas, and he works tirelessly to improve the Luxmanor community."
Marilyn Hammerman
Greensheet Editor-in-Chief, Luxmanor Citizens Association '80 - '08

"I endorse Jordan Cooper."
Hal Quayle
Luxmanor Resident

"I endorse Jordan Cooper."
Ken Hurdle
Park and Planning Steering Committee, White Flint Sector Plan, '08 - '11
President, Luxmanor Citizens Association, '92 - '96


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