Why Vote for Jordan?


When Are the Elections?

The Democratic Primary Election is June 26, 2018. This is the election that will effectively determine who will be your elected officials representing District 16. 

Why Should I Vote for Jordan P. Cooper?

Annapolis Experience

Jordan P. Cooper has extensive on-the-ground legislative experience in Annapolis. Jordan first worked in the Maryland General Assembly 10 years ago in 2003 as a Student Page. More recently, he worked for two years as a Legislative Aide for Delegate Keith E. Haynes in the House of Delegates. During this time, Jordan gained professional experience solving problems and providing answers to constituents in need of assistance. Jordan learned how to negotiate the bill-to-law process by helping usher bills through the House of Delegates. During the time he served in Annapolis, from 2008-2010, he worked across the hall from Delegate Susan Lee who currently represents District 16 and across the street from Senator Brian Frosh of District 16. Jordan knows HOW Annapolis works, knows WHO works in Annapolis, and Jordan knows, more than any other challenger candidate, WHAT works in Annapolis. He will use this knowledge to the advantage of the constituents of District 16 and ensure that no time is wasted bringing a freshman Delegate up to speed; Jordan is ready to Hit the Ground Running from Day 1.

Healthcare Experience

Jordan has a wide array of experience in healthcare that is unmatched by any other challenger candidate. Jordan has worked on health policy issues in the Maryland General Assembly while working for the Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Resources. Jordan has written language that has since been incorporated into final federal regulations pertaining to Medicare and Health Care Reform. Jordan has a Master's degree in Health Policy from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Moreover, he has experience working in a variety of settings with a variety of stakeholders in such a way that he is able to appreciate the many perspectives that will be brought to the table during discussions about how Marylanders can get better value from their healthcare, control costs, improve quality, and finally have security with their healthcare. Unlike any other candidate for Delegate in District 16, Jordan has worked in both inpatient and outpatient clinical environments, in Maryland and Federal legislative bodies (Jordan has experience working for the U.S. Congress), in the non-profit advocacy setting, in the private sector consulting business, and has formal academic training on the very issues that he wishes to work on as YOUR Delegate.

A Lifetime of Community Service

Jordan has invested over half of his life thus far in public service through volunteerism; few if any of the other challengers can make such a claim of consistent dedication to the improvement of the community.

Educated and Raised in District 16

Jordan attended Kindergarten through 12th grade in Montgomery County Public Schools here in the 16th District. Jordan has volunteered, worked at, and studied in many major institutions throughout District 16. He knows our District, its schools, our Legislature, who we are, and how to put the community first.

Listen to Jordan P. Cooper host Public Interest Podcast: