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March 19, 2014; Bethesda, MD -- All Democratic candidates for Delegate in Maryland’s District 16, including incumbent candidates, have signed on to a “Clean Campaign Pledge” prepared by Jordan P. Cooper, said Cooper in a statement to supporters this morning.
Cooper introduced his Clean Campaign Pledge two months ago at the Fallswood Candidate Debate.
Said Cooper, “I introduced this pledge because I know that all three delegates will have to work together for the benefit of Montgomery County once elected. That is why I committed myself—in writing—to running a clean, issues-based campaign focused on what is best for our community. I am happy to announce today that all of the other Democratic candidates have joined me and done the same.”

The Pledge reads:
“During the 2014 District 16 Democratic Primary race for the House of Delegates, I pledge:
1. To avoid personal attacks against fellow candidates. I will not engage in any form of public character attack, defamation, or false accusation against other candidates.
2. To avoid distortions and misrepresentations of other candidates personal lives, records and positions. This includes distortions in the media, campaign literature, advertisements, mailings, and / or public speaking engagements.
3. To instruct members of my campaign team, including staff, advisors and volunteers, to abide by these same terms.”
Jordan P. Cooper is a Democratic Candidate for Delegate in District 16. He was born and raised in Montgomery Country, and lives in North Bethesda. Cooper is the only challenger candidate running for Delegate in District 16 who has extensive on-the-ground legislative experience in Annapolis, including as a Legislative Aide. He is a public health expert with academic, legislative, and professional experience in health policy. Cooper currently serves as President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association, and is also an appointed member of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board. He holds a masters from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and received his B.A. from Vassar College.


February 19, Bethesda, MD, Jordan Cooper, Democratic Candidate for Delegate in District 16, announced today that his campaign has put out a mobile App which lets voters know whether or not they live in District 16 based upon their current location. Said Cooper, “It’s confusing for a lot of people: many constituents I meet while campaigning are unsure of their district. We built this App in large part to solve the issue. Now, anyone who wants to know can simply download it from the Apple store and find out. We will also have one for Android soon.”
The campaign app was built for the campaign by Walter Johnson High School volunteer Robert Mozayeni, a local student who develops mobile applications on a freelance basis.
Said Mozayeni, “While the app’s core feature is the ability to see if you live in District 16, users also have the ability to read recent campaign updates, contribute directly through their phones, connect with Cooper on Twitter and Facebook, and get important news and alerts in the days leading up to the election.”
“I volunteered to design this App for Jordan Cooper because, with his emphasis on job opportunities for youth and funding for education, I believe he is the best candidate for both students and Millenials, and I want to give back and help him succeed in this June’s Democratic primary. Even though I can’t yet vote, I found a way to be a part of the campaign.”


November 15, 2013, Bethesda, MD, – In a statement today, Jordan Cooper voiced his vocal support for the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare”, along with his full backing for President Obama in the light of mounting pressure from Democrats at the national level and a Congressional vote on the program.
Support for the ACA is, and has been, a key principle of Cooper’s campaign for Delegate in Maryland’s District 16. That support takes on added significance in light of the fact that problems with the initial rollout of the law are, according to a lead Washington Post article today, “testing the loyalty of Democrats in Congress.”
Said Cooper, “National Democrats ought to be vigorously defending and explaining this absolutely necessary piece of legislation during a bumpy but critical roll-out period.”
“The President’s efforts to ensure that every American has access to high-value healthcare must be taken to nation’s State Houses. With the public’s interest, the public’s health, and the health of our economy at stake, defending the gains of the Affordable Care Act has never been more imperative. As a Democratic candidate for Delegate in the D.C. metro area, I am compelled to voice my full support for the President’s signature legislative accomplishment. It is my privilege and the collective responsibility of other state-based Democrats to let the President know that our loyalty is assured.”
“Maryland is an early implementer of Obamacare and, unfettered by the partisan gridlock that obstructs Congress’ ability to provide Americans with a basic human right, the Maryland General Assembly must use its Democratic majorities to ensure that every Marylander has access to affordable, quality healthcare.”
Cooper’s three point plan to drive down health care costs can be found on his campaign website:
Prior to his run for office, as a Policy Advisor at the National Partnership for Women and Families, Cooper wrote comments pertaining to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act; some of those were subsequently incorporated into final regulations in the Federal Register.


November 11, 2013, Bethesda, MD, – All day today, Veterans Day, Jordan P. Cooper is guest-teaching students in Walter Johnson High School’s Advanced Placement National, State, and Local Government classes. He is focused on helping students explore state politics in the Maryland General Assembly, as well as the process of campaigning for state office. Cooper will engage scores of the most politically involved students at WJHS by teaching six distinct classes throughout the day.
Said Cooper, “I am humbled by this opportunity to teach students at my Alma Mater about our participatory democracy. I was first introduced to government in these same classrooms. My overarching goal today is to make the pathway towards public service for our students clearer. I hope to open their eyes to the fact they too can run for public office and transform their visions of a better community into a new reality.”
Cooper, a 2003 graduate of Walter Johnson, entered Maryland state politics while in his senior year there as a Student Page in the Maryland House of Delegates. After graduating from Vassar College, he went on to intern on Capitol Hill for Congressman Charlie Melancon [LA-D-3].
My experiences of government as a student were transformative, and without that early exposure I would not be running for Delegate today. I am encouraging all the students I speak with today to get involved with government in Montgomery County, in Annapolis, and in Washington. We are one of the few places in America where students can participate in politics at every level without any obstacles. My message to our students is this: seize the opportunity.


October 10, 2013, Bethesda, MD,Today, Jordan P. Cooper announced a roster of major endorsements from local, state and national leaders with a stake in what happens in Montgomery County and Maryland. In a statement, Cooper said “I am honored to even be mentioned alongside such an incredible group of political figures and others who have achieved the highest reaches of success in business and politics, science and justice, government and healthcare.
Among those who have formally endorsed Cooper include local politicians like Rockville Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio, who said: “As the Mayor of Rockville, I know what it takes to be an effective leader for our community. Jordan Cooper has proven that he has what it takes to represent Montgomery County effectively in Annapolis.
Numerous current and former statewide leaders added their voices, including former Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Business and Economic Development Dave Edgerley, who added “Jordan’s energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to bettering the quality of life in Montgomery County is second to none.
Even national figures have weighed in. Richard Sorian Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ‘10 – ‘12, emphasized Cooper’s depth of experience with healthcare policy, writing: “Jordan Cooper will be an outstanding Delegate in Annapolis. He is positioned, by experience, to be a leader in the critical work of reducing health care costs and improving the quality of healthcare in Maryland.
That sentiment was echoed by Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine Candidate Dr. Noel Rose, who said: “I support Jordan Cooper in his bid for the House of Delegates because he has a humane view of public health and the importance of the government in promoting the general welfare.
A full list of the most significant endorsements that Cooper has received so far can be found below. Individual statements of support from these individuals can be viewed online at
"Jordan has demonstrated a knowledge of what is important in the State and is aggressive in his pursuit of key political priorities for our community. Montgomery County needs aggressive legislators who have shown themselves to have the ability and desire to put in the necessary effort to make positive change happen in Annapolis."
The Honorable Larry LevitanChair, Budget and Taxation Committee, Maryland State Senate, '79 - 94
"As the Mayor of Rockville, I know what it takes to be an effective leader for our community. Jordan Cooper has proven that he has what it takes to represent Montgomery County effectively in Annapolis."
The Honorable Phyllis MarcuccioMayor, City of Rockville, '09 - Present
I endorse Jordan Cooper:
The Honorable Steve VanGrackMayor, City of Rockville, '85- '87
"Healthcare accounts for 1 in 6 dollars spent in our national economy. It is essential that our elected leaders understand the complexities of healthcare delivery systems and how to use policy to improve quality and controls costs.  Jordan understands the healthcare challenges of our time and the critical role of state policy.   Maryland needs leaders like him to in the Maryland General Assembly to guide the implementation of the Affordable Care Act."
Dr. Don SteinwachsMember, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, '93 - Present.
Director, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health HPM, '94 - '05
"Jordan's energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to bettering the quality of llife in Montgomery County is second to none." 
The Honorable Dave Edgerley Secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, '07 - '09
I endorse Jordan Cooper:
The Honorable Van MitchellPrincipal Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, '04 - '07
Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, '94 - '04
"I'm providing Jordan Cooper with my endorsement for Delegate in the 16th district. He combines a strong personal commitment to his local and Montgomery County communities, forward and futuristic thinking, all of which are strengthened by his life-long belief in and experiences in service to others. He has excellent, successful and critical experiences in Annapolis and in health care, along with a strong perspective on education and constituent services that will allow him to address the important issues facing Montgomery County and Maryland."
Dr. Frank Stetson Chief School Performance Officer, Montgomery County Public Schools, '09 - '11
Community Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, '00 - '09
Principal, Walter Johnson H.S., '96 - '00
"Jordan will do an excellent job representing District 16 in the House of Delegates. With Jordan in a leadership role in Annapolis, Montgomery County will get an excellent delegate who knows how to strengthen our economy, reduce the cost of healthcare, and improve the educational system for all Maryland students. He has my full support and I look forward to working with him in the Maryland General Assembly."
The Honorable Victor Ramirez
Senator, Maryland General Assembly, '11 - Present
Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, '03 - '11
"It is my great pleasure to endorse and support Jordan Cooper's candidacy as one of the District 16 Maryland State Delegates.  As a young child, Jordan already demonstrated interests in the political process.  His experiences working for a Maryland State Delegate prepared him to address the most important issues facing our State.  Jordan grew up in District 16 and understands the needs of the community.  He was born and raised in, by and for District 16.  Without question, he will be the best person for District 16."
Dr. Alan CheungPresident, Montgomery County Board of Education, '93 - '94
"Jordan Cooper will be an outstanding Delegate in Annapolis. He is positioned, by experience, to be a leader in the critical work of reducing health care costs and improving the quality of healthcare in Maryland."
The Honorable Richard SorianAssistant Secretary for Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, '10 - '12
Director, Communications, Education, and Outreach, D.C. Health Insurance Exchange, '13 - Present
"I support Jordan Cooper in his bid for the House of Delegates because he has a humane view of public health and the importance of the government in promoting the general welfare."
Dr. Noel RoseCandidate for the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine,
Pioneer in Investigating Autoimmune Disease,
Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, '99
Recipient, Nicolaus Copernicus Medal, Polish Academy of Sciences, '99
Director and Founder, Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Research Center
"I support Jordan because of his commitment to public service, demonstrated achievements, understanding of the legislative process and his principled and vocal leadership on critical issues facing both Maryland and Montgomery County. He will be an excellent advocate as Delegate in the General Assembly."
The Honorable Nancy Forster
Public Defender, State of Maryland, '04 - '09
"As a healthcare professional, I support Jordan for Delegate because he will be an outstanding advocate for fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare for all Marylanders."
Dr. Spyridon MarinopoulosDirector, Johns Hopkins University Health Services, '10 - Present
"Jordan is hard working and dedicated to serving the community. His commitment to making a difference and improving the quality of life for all Maryland citizens will make him a great addition to the Maryland General Assembly."
Jay WilsonMontgomery County Community Advocate
"Jordan understands the importance of expanding the quality measurement enterprise to improve value in healthcare. Leaders with Jordan's experience and perspective on quality and patient safety in healthcare are needed in Annapolis as Maryland implements the Affordable Care Act."
Dr. Tom Valuck
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, National Quality Forum
"Jordan's health care expertise will serve Marylanders well.  He is a leader who is committed to making government work for citizens."
Paul LockeAssistant Professor of Environmental Sciences '08 - Present
American Public Health Association Member


October 1, 2013, Bethesda, MD, September 26, 2013 – This Thursday, at a Montgomery County Council hearing on the Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan, Jordan P. Cooper, a Democratic Candidate for Delegate of District 16, will testify in favor of investing in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in critical, high-density, mixed-use commercial/residential areas of the county.
“I support BRT as a means of complementing our current transportation infrastructure, which is insufficiently prepared to meet the demands of our burgeoning population over the coming decade,” said Cooper. “BRT is a critical component of our vision for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) communities where residents can live, work, and play without needing to rely on a private vehicle; it will catalyze economic development, remove cars from the road, and will offer expanded transit options for a diverse population that requires flexible, reliable, convenient, frequent, and efficient movement around the region.”
Cooper’s support of BRT is part of a comprehensive transportation plan that he has outlined as a Candidate for Delegate in District 16. “The three pillars of my plan include: 1) investments in new forms of public transit infrastructure, including BRT, the new light rail Purple Line, and the Capital Bikeshare program; 2) support of TOD that seamlessly integrates pedestrian walkways, biking infrastructure, and major transit nodes; and 3) maintained investments in existing public transportation infrastructure in neglected areas such as with Metro’s all-too-often single-tracked, flooded Red Line, and with WMATA’s bus routes which fail to be on-time, all-the-time.”
“I believe that Montgomery County, like Maryland as a whole, is well positioned to be a leader in promoting the development of downtowns that integrate new public transit-nodes, mixed-use pedestrian accessible zoning, and healthy, vibrant communities. When elected, championing these investments in our public transportation infrastructure will be one of my top priorities for creating a more vibrant economy and a more livable community.”


September 18, 2013 – In the light of this week’s horrific massacre of innocent civilians at nearby Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard, Jordan P. Cooper today released his legislative plan to begin combatting gun violence in Maryland and ensuring the safety of all our citizens.

The proposed legislative language reads:

WHEREAS firearms have taken the lives of far too many Americans; and,
WHEREAS firearms have increasingly been used in the perpetration of national tragedies; and,
WHEREAS current firearm regulations have proven insufficient at thwarting public massacres; and,
WHEREAS encouraging responsibility and accountability among gun owners is in the interests of all Marylanders; and,


1.     THAT all assault rifles, without exceptions for those firearms grandfathered in recent legislation, be outlawed in Maryland.
2.     THAT to provide for responsible gun ownership in Maryland, all firearms will be registered in a statewide database and that all firearm registrations will be regularly renewed on a biannual (24 months) basis.
3.     THAT all firearms lacking registration with the state or having expired registrations be surrendered to the State and that the State proactively seek to retrieve and confiscate all firearms with expired registrations exceeding six months.
4.     THAT every firearm recovered from the scene of a crime or discovered to be in the possession of a convicted felon is cross-listed with this firearms registry database.
5.     THAT to penalize straw purchasing of firearms, the owner of every firearm used in a homicide or robbery be penalized in accordance with the determination of the Secretary for the crime regardless of their (non)-involvement in the crime.
Jordan P. Cooper is a Democratic Candidate for Delegate (MD-16). He was born and raised in Montgomery Country, and lives in North Bethesda. Cooper is the only challenger candidate running for Delegate in District 16 who has extensive on-the-ground legislative experience in Annapolis, including as a Legislative Aide. He is also the only public health expert running, with academic, legislative, and professional experience in health policy. He received his masters from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and his bachelors from Vassar College. He is President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association, an appointed member of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, and was formerly a Health Care Policy Advisor at the National Partnership for Women and Families.


September 17, 2013, Bethesda, MD, – “In the wake of the events at Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard yesterday – in the wake of another senseless massacre of innocent civilians – nothing can be said to heal the pain of those inconsolable ones who have lost family, loved ones and dear friends.
Yet however singular their suffering, America suffers with them. We suffer collectively for yet another incident of mass shooting and death. The unfortunate truth is that sensible and strengthened gun regulations might not have saved the lives lost—but, by the same token, we can never know now whether they might have contributed to preventing this tragedy.
Today we suffer for those who have been lost—but tomorrow we must fight to put in place policies that will reduce the likelihood of the next tragedy from occurring.”


July 19, 2013, Bethesda, MD – County Executive Issiah “Ike” Leggett and the Mongtomery County Council have respectively appointed and confirmed Jordan P. Cooper to the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board. Cooper will sit on the 19 member Board as a neighborhood representative of North Bethesda. His placement on the Citizens Advisory Board builds upon the campaign’s growing credentials as Cooper continues to expand the capacities in which he serves the community in which he was raised.
The CAB appointment extends Cooper’s ability to represent the constituency of District 16 beyond the 892 households he represents as the President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association, to include the entirety of District 16.
In a statement, Cooper said, “My appointment to the Citizens Advisory Board presents an invaluable opportunity for me to represent the interests of our community to the County Executive. It is my desire that my service on this Board will better enable the needs of our community to be met by Montgomery County.”
For more information, visit


July 10, 2013,Bethesda, MD – As the race for Maryland’s 16th District Delegate race heats up, candidate Jordan P. Cooper has made advocating on behalf of the county’s Millennials a key campaign pillar.
In a statement, Cooper said, “As a Millennial myself, I understand exactly the kinds of problems that Montgomery County residents under thirty face in securing quality, metro accessible housing; meaningful opportunities for employment; and the many everyday benefits which earlier generations took for granted.” … “Making Maryland’s economy work for recent graduates and others who have been left out of the labor market is one of my top priorities. I will bring to Annapolis the perspective of someone who intimately understands the unique challenges of our generation. Here in Montgomery County, I will fight for policies that enhance the quality of life for this unique demographic.”
As part of his outreach to Montgomery County residents under thirty, Cooper is hosting a poolside event with music in Rockville on July 14th: Putting the Party Back in the Democratic Party.
When: Sunday July 14th, 2013
3:00-7:00 PM
Where: Rockville, MD 20852
For more information on the event, visit


June 4th, 2013, Bethesda, MD – Last week, Maryland District 16 Democratic Candidate Jordan P. Cooper was elected President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association.
The LCA was founded in 1938 as a local organization of concerned neighborhood residents. Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1966, the association represents more than 850 families. Advocacy and community action are channeled through committees dedicated to public safety, traffic, schools, the environment, and welcoming new residents. Apart from its advocacy activities, the LCA holds parties, picnics, arts & crafts shows, and other special events.
Following his election, Cooper made the following statement: “I am happy about this opportunity to serve as President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association. I was born, raised, and educated in our community, and this position is an incomparable opportunity for me to give back to our community, which has given me so much. My top priority is to be responsive to community concerns while ensuring the safety, health, and smart growth of our neighborhoods.”
“As I seek a seat in the Maryland General Assembly, representing all of the 16th District and Montgomery Country, I know that the experience of representing a part of our district will be an incredibly rewarding learning opportunity.”
“As an elected representative in Montgomery County, I will continue to make my voice heard on issues of broad concern to our District. I will also continue to serve as a resource for those seeking solutions to problems they face with all levels of government and the private sector. If you need help with a local matter or with a government agency, please contact me at”


May 22, 2013, Bethesda, MD – Late last week, senior Montgomery County leaders gathered for a fundraiser and public panel discussion on good governance and leadership at the home of Jordan P. Cooper, Democratic Candidate for Delegate, 16th District, Maryland General Assembly.
Cooper was joined by Steve VanGrack, Mayor, Rockville, MD (1985-1987); Dr. Alan Cheung, Montgomery County Board of Education (1990-1998); and Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, Congregation Bnai Tzedek. Each speaker brought unique insight to bear on the challenges and opportunities of leadership here in Montgomery County.
Rabbi Weinblatt spoke about the attitudes and habits essential to good leadership: "Even if there are others who aren't doing the right thing, you should do the right thing. Even if others have no courage, you should have courage. Leadership means having the willingness to make a stand and do what others will ultimately respect in you."
Mayor VanGrack addressed critical, and distinctive, local priorities: "No man ever stands so tall as the one who stoops to help children... Our education in Montgomery County is superb, our public safety and our police department are incredible, and land use planning has been executed well so that Montgomery County has become a great place to live."
Board Member Cheung gave Jordan, and the entire audience, an inspiring imperative: "You have to have passion for the job, to serve the people; you have to be ethical and moral... Leaders are not born; they are developed. Parents are leaders for their children and teachers are leaders for their students ... Listen to the people, and understand their needs."
Inspired by three incredible local leaders, Jordan concluded by addressing the crowd: “I am not campaigning merely to claim a title or a seat in Annapolis. I am seeking to serve in order to work for greater ideals; for a stronger, more just society. My goal is to leave our community just a little bit better than we found it.  … Two virtues guide me in all that I do, and those are: First, to be a Mensch – a good man; Second, to always strive for one of the highest ideals in my religion – Tikkun Olam – leaving the world a better than we found it. These are the reasons I stand before you today.”


Members of the Press are advised that Jordan Cooper, Democratic Candidate for Delegate, District 16, Maryland General Assembly, will host a panel discussion, dessert reception and campaign fundraiser featuring three Montgomery County leaders this Thursday evening, May 16th, between 8:00-9:30pm. The subject of discussion will be “Leadership & Good Governance in Montgomery County.”
Featured speakers will include:
  • Steve VanGrack, Mayor (1985-1987), Rockville, MD
  • Dr. Alan Cheung, Montgomery County Board of Education (1990-1998)
  • Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, Congregation Bnai Tzedek 
General attendees will contribute a $50 Couvert, with $30 for Young Democrats.
The Event will be held at the Cooper Residence:
6329 Windermere Circle
North Bethesda, MD, 20852


For press inquiries, contact, 202-670-5585


April 13, 2013, Bethesda, MD - With supporters, family and friends assembled, Jordan P. Cooper formally announced his candidacy for one of Maryland’s District 16 Delegate seats today.
In an announcement in Bethesda, Cooper described his passion for creating a stronger community in Montgomery County, a commitment to public service, and his record of accomplishment in state government as a legislative aide to a state Delegate. No other non-incumbent candidate has this extent of experience in Annapolis.
"I hope to leverage my record in state government and in health policy to better advocate for Maryland’s 16th Legislative District,” said Cooper. “And not only will I be an advocate for you once I am elected, but I am your advocate now, as a candidate. If you need solutions to problems you face, or are simply concerned with the way our political system works, reach out to me directly at and I will see your issue through to its resolution."
Cooper was born and raised in Montgomery Country, and lives in North Bethesda. He and his family are proud to have been among the first 100 families to join the Bnai Tzedek Congregation, where they are active members. Unique among the candidates, Cooper has dedicated his life to community service and volunteering with local organizations focused on a range of causes.
Cooper is also the only public health expert running with academic, legislative, and professional experience in health policy. He received his master’s degree in Maryland from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. While in Baltimore, academic training was supplemented with concrete experience working at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Campus. Later, as a health care policy advisor at the National Partnership for Women and Families, he wrote comments pertaining to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on the use of quality measurement to improve value in health care. Some of those were incorporated into the final regulations in the Federal Register.