What is a Delegate?

A Delegate is your state representative in the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis, Maryland. A Delegate is a legislator. Each Delegate in the House of Delegates has one vote on legislation when it comes before the delegate's committee, and one when it is considered by the entire House of Delegates.

Delegates are elected to a four year term, and are authorized to work as a legislative body for a ninety-Day Legislative Session each year. Effective Delegates are engaged in finding solutions to problems facing their constituents throughout the year; however, Maryland's Constitution establishes a part-time legislature that is intended to enable the House of Delegates and the State Senate to be filled by citizen-legislators.District 16 is represented by three Delegates and one Senator at the state level.

All persons living in District 16 are also represented by a County Councilperson in Rockville, MD, as well as two Senators and one Congressman at the federal level in Washington, D.C. Citizens of Maryland can vote for up to three candidates for Delegate every four years, in conjunction with Gubernatorial elections.