A Fiscally Responsible Progressive Platform

  • Replace our current, inappropriate model of universal healthcare through 911 with real universal health insurance coverage for all Marylanders.
  • Reduce corporate tax loopholes and tax deductions for large corporations while being more stringent in our allowance billion dollar businesses to operate as tax-exempt organizations.
  • Expand mental health care coverage to reduce even greater expenses that we incur as a society by incarcerating the mentally ill.
  • Eliminate non-competitive government procurement contracts, building upon the work of the Comptroller.
  • Invest in infrastructure, and thereby creating new jobs, with our roads, mass transit, broadband internet, and utilities so that Maryland remains a reliable place to do business.
  • Ensure that every student has access to high-quality higher education that needn’t necessarily entail a liberal arts degree. Increased investments in technical schools and apprenticeships will lead to long-term economic development and will produce long-term savings.