Supporting Our Democracy

  • End gerrymandering by establishing a non-partisan, independent redistricting commission. 
  • End special legislative appointments (which constitute 37.5% of the Montgomery County Delegation) through the introduction of Special Elections.
  • Reduce the total number of Early Voting days that present unnecessary costs to taxpayers without being correlated with higher voter turnout.
  • Return the Primary Election to AFTER Labor Day in September (June elections depress turnout) even if that means we must either pay for expedited ballots for our citizens who are living abroad or create opportunities for online voting (the date of the primary election was changed in order to ensure absentee ballots had sufficient time between the two elections to be mailed and counted).
  • Align the state election cycle with the presidential election cycle to increase voter participation.
  • Automatically register every citizen to vote upon issuance of a birth certificate such that 18 years later their name will appear on voter rolls.