A Record of Service

Dear Friend, Neighbor, & Constituent,

The 2018 campaign cycle running up to the Democratic Primary Election is upon us and I’m writing to ask you to support me in my bid to represent our values in the Maryland House of Delegates.

I ask for your support first and foremost because I am present, committed to serving the public interest, and responsive in addressing issues facing our community. I have extensive experience in both the public sector, having taken on numerous leadership roles on civic boards throughout our community, and private sector in the healthcare industry. I have taken decisive action to improve our democracy through my work as the Host of Public Interest Podcast, and I encourage you to listen to an episode at http://www.PublicInterestPodcast.com.  

I am running to:

Champion Good Governance
You should select your elected representatives, not the other way around. That means we need to replace legislative appointments with special elections and stop gerrymandering from disenfranchising Marylanders.

Increase Democratic Participation
Voting should be a more inclusive process. Accordingly, we should move the Primary back to September (from June), open Primary Elections to all registered voters, and automatically register all eligible adult citizens to vote.

Medicaid for All
Universal healthcare coverage with a public option is not only morally correct, it’s fiscally responsible. We need to stop forcing Marylanders to rely upon ambulances and emergency rooms to access primary care. We must stop using prisons to care for the mentally ill and we should create a Public Option with universal Medicaid eligibility to cover every Marylander.

Our Fair Share From Annapolis
Montgomery County is Maryland's economic engine. Investing state tax dollars in Metro, MCPS, Strathmore, and the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center brings jobs, regional economic growth, a more robust tax base for the state, and improves Montgomery County’s brand as a good place to do business. It’s important to use our resources to help raise all boats in Maryland and to do so we need to advocate for greater state investment in our community.

I ask that you strongly consider making a financial contribution to “Citizens for Jordan P. Cooper” as well. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 will help us get the representation that we deserve in our state legislature. I humbly ask for your support in helping us rise to this great challenge. You can donate either online at http://www.Cooper4MD.com/p/contribute.html with your credit card or you can mail a personal check to Citizens for Jordan P. Cooper, C/O Bruce Cooper, Treasurer, 6329 Windermere Circle, North Bethesda, MD 20781. Thank you for considering making an investment in our common future. 


Jordan Cooper
Democratic Candidate for Delegate
District 16
Maryland General Assembly
June 2018 Primary Elections