Enough is Enough. Stopping Gun Violence.

Enough is enough.

Gun violence must stop. It's time that we take responsible action to protect our children in school and the rest of us in society.

Just as we require drivers to take driver education courses and to pass an exam to obtain a driver's license, so too should we require gun owners to take a gun safety course and pass a gun safety exam in order to own a gun.

Just as we require vehicle owners to maintain a vehicle registration and pass an environmental emissions test every other year, so too should we require gun owners to register their firearms with the State of Maryland and demonstrate every other year that they continue to have the gun in their possession. Gun owners should be expected to know where their firearms are at all times and to keep them secure. The Second Amendment may guarantee Americans the right to bear arms, but so too do Marylanders have a right to being safe in their schools, homes, and communities.


WHEREAS firearms have taken the lives of far too many Americans; and,
WHEREAS firearms have increasingly been used in the perpetration of national tragedies; and,
WHEREAS current firearm regulations have proven insufficient at thwarting public massacres; and,
WHEREAS encouraging responsibility and accountability among gun owners is in the interests of all
Marylanders; and,


  1. THAT to provide for responsible gun ownership in Maryland, all firearms will be registered in a statewide database and that all firearm registrations will be regularly renewed on a biannual (24 months) basis by providing physical proof of continued ownership of the firearm.
  2. THAT all firearms lacking registration with the state or having expired registrations be surrendered to the State and that the State proactively seek to retrieve and confiscate all firearms with expired registrations exceeding six months.
  3. THAT every firearm recovered from the scene of a crime or discovered to be in the possession of a convicted felon is cross-listed with this firearms registry database.
  4. THAT to penalize straw purchasing of firearms, the owner of every firearm used in a homicide or robbery be penalized in accordance with the determination of the Secretary for the crime regardless of their (non)-involvement in the crime.
  5. THAT gun owners pass a gun safety course and exam to obtain a firearm license.
  6. THAT the State of Maryland implement a buy back program to reduce the number of guns in our society.
  7. THAT every bullet sold in Maryland have a traceable, unique identifier much like a car has a Vehicle Identification Number.