Questionnaire Responses Published

Cooper for Maryland                  
Lower Healthcare Premiums, Smaller Class Sizes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            CONTACT: Rasheen Carbin
April 23rd, 2018                                                                         240-274-2921

Bethesda, MD, April 23RD, 2018 – The campaign has published all of its submitted candidate questionnaire responses this morning in the spirit of improving political transparency and accountability. The responses can be found at the bottom of this webpage:

Cooper, who does not accept campaign contributions from PACs or organizations of any kind, said that “Releasing my political questionnaire responses sheds light onto a closed door endorsement process in which special interests seek to bend the will of aspiring candidates for elected office. You will find no contradictions in my policy stances among my responses to organizations with competing priorities.”

Yesterday Cooper introduced his intentions to the seven other Democratic candidates in his race during the District 16 Delegate Candidate Forum hosted by the District 16 Democratic Club. He invited all other candidates to post their responses by the end of this month. Only Delegate Marc Korman unequivocally pledged to join Cooper in this endeavor to ensure that our elected officials are acting in the public interest. Candidates Currier, Lande, and Hennessy also pledged to look into posting their responses.

The silence of the other candidates begs the question, what are they hiding?