People Powered Campaign

Dear Friend, Neighbor, & Constituent,

You have the power to change politics as usual. This campaign is 100% funded by individuals like you. I do not accept corporate, PAC, or special interest funds because contributions do influence political decisions and I am running to represent you, not special interests, in the Maryland General Assembly.  

I'm honest about my intentions, my motivations, and when I interviewed with organizations during their endorsement processes they asked me to why I didn't answer Yes to everything that they asked for. I sat in front of labor unions and environmentalists and told them that I agree with much of their platform but that ultimately I'm running to represent the 120,000 individuals who live in District 16. Where their interests and the interests of District 16 align I will support them, but I told them that I'm not running to represent their interests. Indeed to answer Yes to every demand by every special interest group would necessitate either being disingenuous or being supportive of massive tax hikes to fund the abundance of dedicated funding that these special interest groups request of each candidate. I've placed all of my questionnaire responses on my website so that you can see what I told them. 

We have just 7 weeks left until Election Day and I really need your financial support to carry us across the finish line on June 26. I have posted on my website how I've spent every dollar my campaign has ever received. We are spending the money on yard signs, literature, staff, advertising, and mail. My team and I have developed a voter outreach strategy that we have determined will require $4,000 more by my 33rd birthday this Sunday May 13th. 

If you like the idea of having independent, honest politicians elected to office to represent the best interests of their constituents, if you want someone who is willing to stand up to those in power to do the right thing, and if you want to reduce the influence of money in politics, then please donate to the campaign today. 

Jordan Cooper