We Lost

This is the final email that you will ever receive from the Cooper for Maryland campaign. 

I have been invested in our community and have been involved in Maryland politics for the past 15 years. The voters of District 16 have now twice been offered the opportunity to elect me to represent them in the state legislature and have instead selected others to do the job. That is their right and I respect their decision. 

Having placed my name before the voters and having been twice rejected, I have heard the will of the voters and accordingly will no longer seek to join the Maryland House of Delegates. 

To those who have supported my efforts to serve our community, thank you. Campaigns are the manifestation of an entire community's investment in an idea. These investments take the form of financial contributions, time, and effort. Though I am certainly disappointed in the result, I am grateful for all of the support that you have provided over the course of this and our previous campaign. 

Thank you.