MCDCC Priorities

In the Democratic Primary in June 2018 I was elected to the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) to represent District 16 as a "male" member (which in itself is something I take issue with). I ran on an open government platform to promote an inclusive and fair democracy. As such I've compiled a list of my policy priorities below. In the name of increasing transparency, trust, and participation in our democracy, I’d like to either take direct action within the MCDCC or issue public statements directed at the State Democratic Party and leadership in the House and Senate articulating our:

  1. Opposition to gerrymandering
  2. Opposition to the appointment process whereby 37.5% of the current Montgomery County delegation to Annapolis at one point in their careers were appointed to either the House or Senate with the recommendation of the MCDCC. In lieu of this I would hope that we might at least support Delegate Moon and Senator Feldman’s bill to require the temporary filling of a vacancy that would then appear on the ballot at the next regularly scheduled election. I would support an amendment to this bill prohibiting the appointee from running for that same seat as an incumbent in the next regularly scheduled election. 
  3. Support of open primaries either where independent/unaffiliated voters can vote in the Democratic Primary Election or where any registered voter can vote in the Democratic Primary
  4. Support of moving the Democratic Primary Election back to mid-September with the provision that absentee ballots from overseas be received by the Board of Elections by mid-August
  5. Support of automatic voter registration through a statewide transition from an opt-in voter registration system to an opt-out system
  6. Opposition to the gender balance requirement and gender-based discrimination on the ballot in favor of partnering with organizations such as EMERGE, EMILY’s List, Leadership Montgomery, and our many chartered Democratic clubs in order to build a diverse political farm system of future elected officials.
  7. Opposition to any MCDCC member running for any elected office other than the MCDCC thus requiring anyone who files for another elected office to de facto resignation from the MCDCC.
  8. Opposition to MCDCC members voting for themselves should a vacancy occur in the Maryland House of Delegates and should a MCDCC member wish to be considered to fill that vacancy. 

Here are some links to arguments that I’ve written with regards to some of my ideas:
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